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7 Self-Published Authors To Support This Holiday Season

Many readers are aware of the lack of children’s books with Black representation. For instance, in 2018, only 10 percent of books published by traditional publishers featured Black protagonists. And in many cases, the books that were published were not written by Black authors, calling their cultural competence into question. Consequently, some writers have taken it upon themselves to be the change they wish to see, or read, by self-publishing books. Help us celebrate their activism and achievements by supporting their work this holiday season!

Artika Tyner, Author

What motivated you to write & self-publish your books?
I was inspired to write my first children’s book by Justice Alan C. Page [retired Minnesota Supreme Court]. He has written three children’s books which inspire young people to learn, grow and thrive. He also founded the Page Education Foundation with the goal in mind of “creating heroes through education and service.” As a proud Page Scholar, I am also committed to promoting education, literacy, cultural awareness and leadership development.

Justice Makes A Difference
Justice has grown up witnessing the many ways her grandma serves the community. She wants to make a difference in the world, too, but how? Isn’t she too young?
Age Range: 7-12
Amazing Africa
Amazing Africa: A to Z is a fun and resourceful book that takes children and even adults on a visual journey throughout the continent of Africa.
Age Range: 7-12

Aja Dorsey Jackson, Author

What motivated you to write & self-publish your books?
I’m a fan of self-publishing because I have full artistic control. I wanted to self-publish The Almost Adventures of Plane Jane because I wanted to bring my vision of this empowering story of a young Black girl to life in my own way.

Plane Jane
When seven-year-old Jane and her family make a big move, she becomes determined to get back to the place she once called home, even if she has to fly there herself!
Age Range: 4-7

Are you the sun? Or the moon reflecting its light? Shine takes young children on a beautifully illustrated journey toward bedtime while encouraging them to shine wherever they are.
Age Range: 3-7

Quinn Woodard, Author

What motivated you to write & self-publish your book?
To influence young minority students on the world of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math), my book, “Like Me,” explores the different careers within the field. My hope is to provide early exposure, and to attract young minds to the STEM community. I also hope that this short story will allow young minds to understand what STEM professionals do in the simplest of terms, and spark an interest for further exploration in STEM.

Like Me
Zoey loves math and science, but she doesn’t know what she can be when she grows up. As she says: “It’s difficult to see what I can be when no one looks like me.
Age Range: 2-8

Veronica N. Chapman, Author

What motivated you to write & self-publish your books?
As an HBCU graduate (Spelman College), one of my goals is to make sure my readers feel the same type of empowerment and affirmation that students feel on HBCU campuses. I want my readers to be empowered to become the greatest version of themselves.

King Khalid
King Khalid has a favorite pastime that keeps him up past his bedtime. After King Khalid’s father reinforces the rules and makes him go to bed on time, King finds a creative way around the rules that ultimately makes everyone proud.
Age Range: 5-10
I Know I Can!
While giving a speech at her high school graduation, Faith, the class valedictorian, shares her childhood dreams, and the lessons that served as the foundation for her courage.
Age Range: 3-8

James Wilson, Author

What motivated you to write & self-publish your book?
I was motivated due to the lack of content and information that is present to African children to prepare them for true progression in this world. My decision was based solely on my desire to change that.

Teach Me About Garvey
An introduction to the achievements and vision of the legendary, Marcus Garvey. Children will get to rhyme fun words and view amazing illustrations that enhance their reading experience and aid the retainment of information.
Age Range: 6-10

Amber T. Bogan, Author

What motivated you to write & self-publish your book?
In raising my little one, it is important to me that I consistently expose her to positive images that reflect who she is. Witnessing the lack of diversity in children’s literature not only upset me, but also motivated me to take action. My debut children’s book, “Little Miss is Destined for Greatness” is my way of becoming a part of the solution.

Little Miss
Early on, children begin looking to us to help them carve out a place in this world. Affirming that they have the right to dream big will encourage them to spread their wings and soar! 
Age Range: 6 & Under

Tonya Ellis, Author

What motivated you to write & self-publish your books?
I’m a former journalist and always wanted to write my own book. When reading with my children I noticed there were few kid’s books with Black main characters. I decided to fill in the gap by creating my own series. I also wanted to highlight the unique features of Houston, the city I live in (alligators and other wildlife in the neighborhoods, rodeo culture, cultural diversity).

The Snitch
Sophie Washington and her friends have to decide whether to fight back against the school bully or snitch in this award winning illustrated chapter book.

Age Range: 8-12

Queen Of The Bee
Fifth grader Sophie Washington goes head-to-head against “Mr. Know-It-All” Nathan Jones in the school spelling bee in this entertaining, illustrated chapter book.
Age Range: 8-12

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