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Power To The People: Black Children’s Books Are Being Banned, But Black Children’s Book Week Invites The World To Celebrate Them

Black children’s book bans are rising, but no ban can stop the power of the people. The third annual celebration of Black Children’s Book Week starts on February 25th. People around the world are gearing up to participate with celebrations in Canada, the UK, Ghana, Austria, and throughout the US. Founded in 2022 by social entrepreneur and author Veronica N. Chapman, Black Children’s Book Week (BCBW) is a global celebration of Black children and the power of Black representation in children’s books. 

Harnessing the power of representation

Chapman’s goal is to “raise the vibration in the world” for Black children and highlight the power of positive representation. “Publishing children’s books with Black protagonists is a form of activism because it ensures that Black children see themselves represented so they can develop both a love for reading and for themselves,” says Chapman. “Representation matters because it is a protective force, as research shows that positive representation increases Black children’s self-esteem, and helps protect them from the impact of racism.”

Join the celebration

Asked why people should celebrate Black Children’s Book Week, Chapman responded, “Black Children’s Book Week is scheduled joy. It’s a proactive and joyful solution in a time when we often find ourselves responding to racist policies and traumatic events. These inhumanities can keep us sad and anxious, and make us feel powerless. BCBW is a movement that encourages us to stand in our power and work collectively to ensure that Black children feel seen, affirmed, and loved. It’s so exciting and inspiring to see authors, librarians, parents, youth organizations, and others gearing up to celebrate Black children and the power of their representation.” 

To learn more about Black Children’s Book Week and find ways to celebrate, visit and follow Black Children’s Book Week on Instagram (@blackchildrensbookweek). This year’s kickoff event, a tour of Chapman’s Virtual Black Children’s Book Museum, is scheduled on February 24, 2024. Visit to register. 

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