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About Black Baby Books

Black Baby Books makes it easier to discover and purchase children’s books with Black characters.


@BlackBabyBooks is an initiative of Boxxout Enterprises, a small business that designs creative solutions for social change. We have been really successful in helping people discover children’s books with Black characters, and equally as successful in helping indie Black children’s book authors promote their books.

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The Founder of

This platform was created by author and serial entrepreneur Veronica N. Chapman, who launched this initiative in response to feedback she received while promoting her children’s books. Parents and guardians would often speak with Veronica about how challenging it was to find children’s books with Black characters, so she created this solution!

Veronica has a history of finding creative ways to affirm Black children, having written and produced a motivational play for teens, Ancestors Inc., and published three books, The Advent of Planet Martyr: An Innovative Social Commentary, and children’s books I Know I Can! and King Khalid is Proud.

A graduate of Spelman College (B.A. in Spanish) and Babson College (M.B.A.), Veronica commits her gifts and ideas to improving the world. To fulfill her commitment, she founded Boxxout Enterprises where she designs creative solutions for social change like Black Baby Books, LLC and Black Children’s Book Week.

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