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Black Baby Book’s mission is to make it easier to discover children’s books with Black characters. As a result we only post ads for books with Black characters or related products. The books that we feature on our website are typically picture books or early readers for up to age 10.

In some instances we may request an interior sample of your books. If for some reason your ads aren’t accepted, your payment will be promptly refunded. Once you make your payment, you should receive a form to complete in your order confirmation. If you don’t receive the form please e-mail and we will send you one.

We can only schedule Instagram-ready posts, and we can only include one image per post. At present ads are not removed.

  • These rates are for Indie Authors, please e-mail for corporate rates.

Current Options

*Please only purchase promos for books with Black protagonists. We don’t accept books with animals as the protagonists.