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Introducing Our Kid Lit Pitch Events!

Black Baby Books makes it easier to discover children’s books with Black characters. We also make it easier for independent authors and publishers of children’s books with Black characters to reach potential readers with our affordable Instagram ads.

Our new Kid Lit Pitch events provide an opportunity for independent authors and/or illustrators of children’s books with Black protagonists, to pitch their book (in three minutes) to the @BlackBabyBooks Instagram audience.

In order to participate, authors must agree to donate a copy of their book for the Kid Lit Pitch Giveaway that will take place after their pitch date. You must also ship your book to the winner in a timely fashion. No other fees apply.

Please use the form below to apply to participate in our Kid Lit Pitch events. We are a small team, but we will work to get through applications as quickly as possible. We will be in touch to let you know the outcome of your application.

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Three Excellent Resources For Authors

The Black Baby Books platform was founded by self-published author Veronica N. Chapman. Veronica came up with the idea for the platform while she was promoting her first children’s book “I Know I Can!“. At events people would always ask her where they could find other children’s books with Black characters. Although Veronica would often meet authors at events, she found that when she wanted to recommend their books to her readers, they were not always easy to find online. To make it easier to direct people to other authors of children’s books with Black characters Veronica launched

The Black Baby Books service is supported by advertising revenue and affiliate sales of books listed on our website. Because authors in particular help keep this service going, we want to be sure that we are doing all we can to support you. Please find three resources below that we hope you will find helpful. Thank you so much for supporting our platform!