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  • Elijah’s Easter Suit

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  • Lullaby for the King

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  • Broken Crayons Still Color

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  • Empowering Stories For Black Children: The Power Of Kindness: Educational Inspiring Children’s book For Black History Month (Holiday Books for Kids) … of Black History, Culture and Spirituality)

  • Daddy, Daddy! I Had A Bad Dream!

  • Keisha the Kind in My Little Sister Situation (Team Supercrew Series): A children’s book about emotions, kindness, family, and sibling rivalry.

  • Sometimes Grandma and Grandpa Forget: A heartwarming & informative book about loving someone with dementia.

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  • Bro Code: A boy’s guide to prayer, healthy habits, and money management too!

  • Squad Goals: A girl’s guide to prayer, self-care and money management too!

  • Why Not You?

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  • Black Girls Are…

  • You Come from Greatness: A Celebration of Black History: A Picture Book

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  • Josey Johnson’s Hair and the Holy Spirit

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  • I Am Not Sleepy!: A preschool and toddler book for bedtime and naps (Curly Crew Series)

  • The Parable of the Teacup

  • B.B.’s Prayer: A Child’s First Prayer

  • The Adventures of Super Obi: Nothing to Fear

  • Dear Daughters, You Are Worthy!

  • Dear Dad, Do You Know?

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  • Let There Be Me

  • Abba, What Is Wisdom?

  • The Bayside Bunch Breathing is Believing


  • GOD IS MY FRIEND: Gain confidence + Have emotional peace

  • Aaron’s Outings: A Little Book About the Bigness of Compassion

  • André Learns to Share: A Story About the Benefits of Sharing for Kids Ages 2-8 (André and Noelle)

  • Soulful Holidays: An inclusive rhyming story celebrating the joys of Christmas and Kwanzaa

  • Every Other Christmas

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  • Standing in the Need of Prayer: A Modern Retelling of the Classic Spiritual

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  • A Prayer For My Prince (The World According to Marcus)

  • Now I’m Really Mad!: Dealing with Anger

  • How to Pray: A guide that connects children to God through prayer (Train Up Arrows)

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  • I am a Basketball Player through Dreams and Prayer

  • Hair It’s A Family Affair

  • We Chose You: A Book About Adoption, Family, and Forever Love

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  • Sadie Prays for a Good First Day

  • Nikki’s Rainbow

  • Timeless Love

  • The Maker of Oils: A Nigerian Tale About Giving (Bedtimes Story Fiction Children’s Picture Book)

  • How Big is Heaven