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  • I Caught A Thought

  • When Mommy Is in Heaven

  • Peytons First Visit to the Dentist

  • Black Child, Hold Your Head High: Empowering Book for Black Children that Celebrates a Rich Culture and History

  • The Brown Boy Who Made Me A Mom

  • Alex and the Elephant: An Adventurous Story About Listening to Your Parents (The Adventures of Alex)

  • The Friendship Tree

  • Dear Mama’s Loving Arms

  • I Am: Empowering Coloring Book for Black and Brown Girls with Natural Curly Hair | Positive Affirmations for African American Girls (Black Girl Books With Positive Affirmations)

  • Sibling Love

  • Sister Girl and the Training Wheels (Sister Girl Collection)

  • I Am A Natural Cutie

  • How To Deal With And Care For Your Annoying Little Brother

  • Growing Girls With Curls: Short Stories For Girls of Color