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A Place of Our Own (Ava Murray Writes the World, 2)

“In summertime, intrepid eight-year-old journalist Ava Murray and her best friend, Marisol, love to play hopscotch and double Dutch. But the hot asphalt of the sidewalk in their neighborhood makes them sweaty and burns their feet through their sneakers. When Ava’s mother, Kim, tells her that the New York City Parks Department is building a new park in her neighborhood, she wants to make her voice and opinions heard.

Her mother takes her to a city council planning meeting, and Ava is given the chance to present her impassioned plea for shady trees, cool grass, and safe spaces for her and her friends to enjoy. And she’s not going to stop there: Ava wants to write a story about the neighborhood children’s needs for her local newspaper. She wants to talk about it on television and on the radio. She wants to gather the kids to make signs for a demonstration. And more!

Ava shows that being a journalist means not only reporting on her world, but also advocating for what she believes is right. In A Place of Our Own, Ava helps reveal to children the power of their own voices.”

Reading Age: 5-8



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