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Jordan is going to be a big brother and he can’t wait! But when Jackson is born, he is so small that he has to stay in the hospital for a long time. Jordan and his family visit him every day. But all Jordan wants is for Jackson to be big enough to come home. “Every time I see a newborn in my office I always ask how their older siblings are doing. This is especially important when the baby has been in the NICU. “A Tiny Baby Brother” helps a big brother understand, bond, and be excited about meeting his premature baby brother. It is an excellent story for families to share with their new big brothers or sisters.”Heather M. Dettro, MDPediatrician”When will baby Jackson come home? The excitement, joy, and wonder of big brotherhood perfectly captured.”Alecia KennedyAuthor/blogger/chief rule breaker “Breaking All the Rules”


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