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Aaron’s Outings: A Little Book About the Bigness of Compassion Price: $12.95 (as of 03/01/2024 02:30 PST- Details)

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Three-year old Aaron loves his dog, the zoo, playdates and helping others. He and his family are happy to help a neighbor or serve at the local food bank. Although Aaron is small, his compassion makes a big difference. Like Aaron, all children can positively impact the world!

Aaron’s Outings uses practical situations to teach Biblical principles about compassion to small children. Simple rhyming words coupled with colorful, engaging illustrations will capture babies’, toddlers’, and young children’s attention.
Aaron’s Outings is perfect for those looking for:
-An early tool to help teach children the importance of compassion and kindness
-A positive, relatable main character that children can identify with

Aaron’s Actions, the non-faith-based version of this book, is also available from Aaris Epps.



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