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Meet the black inventors who lived their dreams–from the earlyyears to modern times

Benjamin Banneker
Andrew Jackson Beard
George E. Carruthers, Ph.D.
George Washington Carver
Michael Croslin, Ph.D.
David Nelson Crosthwait Jr.
Charles Richard Drew, M.D.
Meredith Gourdine, Ph.D.
Claude Harvard
Shirley Ann Jackson, Ph.D.
Frederick McKinley Jones
Percy Lavon Julian, Ph.D.
Ernest Everett Just, Ph.D.
Lewis Howard Latimer
Jan Earnst Matzeliger
Elijah McCoy
Benjamin Montgomery
John P. Moon
Garrett Augustus Morgan
Norbert Rillieux
Earl D. Shaw, Ph.D.
Madame C. J. Walker
Daniel Hale Williams, M.D.
Granville T. Woods
Jane Cooke Wright, M.D.

For more than three centuries, African American inventors havebeen coming up with ingenious ideas. In fact, it is impossible toreally know American history without also learning about thecontributions of black discoverers. This collection brings theirstories to life.

In every era, black inventors have made people’s lives safer,more comfortable, more convenient, and more profitable. Thisinspiring, comprehensive collection shines history’s spotlight onthese courageous inventors and discoverers. One by one, theypersevered, despite prejudice and obstacles to education andtraining. These stories show you how:

  • Benjamin Montgomery, born a slave, invented a propellerthat improved steamboat navigation.
  • Jan Earnst Matzeliger, the son of a Dutch engineer,invented a machine that revolutionized the shoe manufacturingindustry.
  • Madame C. J. Walker, born two years after the Civil Waremancipated her parents, invented a product that helped make her amillionaire.
  • Dr. George E. Carruthers, an astrophysicist, inventedthe lunar surface ultraviolet camera/spectrograph for Apollo16.
  • Dr. Jane Cooke Wright, a third-generation physician andpioneer in the field of cancer research discovered a method fortesting which drugs to use to fight specific cancers. Dr. Wrightbecame the first woman elected president of the New York CancerSociety and the first African American woman to serve as dean of amedical college.

This outstanding collection brings to light these and dozens ofother exciting and surprising tales of inventors and discovererswho lived their dreams.

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