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Six-year old Denam allows you to peek over her shoulder today for an intriguing journey to a private airport that house many different types of aircraft. Accompanied by her mother, she finds herself walking alongside huge airplanes, inside large buildings with tall ceilings and outside near runways. What she begins to understand is that today she’s there to experience this life-changing event for her 16 year old big sister Aubry; who has learned how to fly planes and will be flying for the first time alone. Denam and her mother are blown away by the unexpected events that add unforgettable twists and heart-filled joy. In this day of shadowing the main character, you will get the inside scoop on what really happens as a pilot prepares for take-off and landing. Allow this book to inspire you to dream BIG because Aubry is proof that it works. This story is a true reflection of the author’s experience of the day her teenage sister flew solo.


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