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Bailey, YOU Can Be Anything! (Kids Self-Empowerment) Price: $11.98 (as of 29/09/2023 05:30 PST- Details)

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This is an inspiring story of a bubbly little girl named Bailey Jefferson. One day, her mother walks in on her when she is in her room. The room is messy and has her things scattered all over the place. Her mother, concerned for her, asks what is wrong. To this, Bailey replies that she is sad. She has a Show and Tell Day at her school and needs to dress up to reflect the career she wants to adopt when she grows up.Her mother correctly picks up on little Bailey’s struggle and makes time to help guide her on what she could possibly want to be. This book is about the importance of spending time with our little ones and helping them decide what they want. “I believe you can be anything in this world that you want to be.”In the pages that follow, you will come across a beautiful story that is simply and meaningfully told. The lively illustrations and crisp language help drive a powerful message that children can be instilled with a belief to achieve their full potential.This is the perfect opportunity for you to read the book to your children and help boost their self-confidence. This book will also make for an ideal gift for your friends in helping them motivate their children through communication and intimately bond with them in the process.Everyone will find this book a delightful read.


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