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Bible tales is about a young man and his family and the journeys they take, through the 10 commandments. > A mysterious book he found one day cleaning at his local church, > Devyne has to make the common choices most will encounter in life and before a choice can be made he instantly is transported and finds himself in a totally different world. > He is faced with the same decision to make but in Bible days with heavier consequences & outcomes. Which all help him see what can come from the fruit of his actions and choices. > Bible Tales is full of action and scenes that every child and even parents would LOVE. > Parents will enjoy sharing lessons on true friendship, morals, respect and obedience that will stay with their children forever. > > Bible Tales is anything but ordinary A 10 part series the child every child will not want to put down.

“My goal is to make Bible Tales affordable and accessible. Available and ready in the hands of every child through out the world.”


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