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Malik Wilson, a brilliant brown boy, is starting the 3rd grade in a new school! Before he heads off to school, his mother gives him truths about being a brown boy in today’s society.Cities and neighborhoods where little brown boys and girls reside, have unfortunately been the home to violence and senseless tragedies. From the Mike Browns, Trayvon Martins, and Tamir Rices, this book allows readers, (specifically brown boys, girls, and families) the ability to:

  • Create conversation about what it means to be brown- Comprehend past and present tragedies
  • Understand their representation in society
  • Create a barrier of love and protection for all children.

This book is dedicated to the young brown boys who we have lost over the years to senseless tragedies. May they forever be in our hearts as we push forward to help younger generations have pride in the skin they are in.


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