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When mummy goes off to work, her little girl feels sad. It is up to her daddy to create a magical day and cheer her up! When daddy says, “let’s play!” the fun begins… From pretending to be a dinosaur, through to enjoying a tea party and then time spent together watching the big TV, this daddy and daughter tale captures the joyful relationship between parent and child at its best.

Read along with this easy and rhythmical story, this is a timeless book for families to treasure written by Emma Phillips and beautifully illustrated by Ricardo Rose.
Daddy and Me! wonderfully expresses the bond between a daddy and daughter
Readers will discover that even the most everyday events can, and should, be magical
So many opportunities for children to join in with the story! The repetition and rhyme will help children to remember what comes next
Funky illustration by emerging talent Ricardo Rose that transform this daddy into a superhero!



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