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Ecila [eh-cee-lah]IntroductionIn this African rendition of Alice in Wonderland, our main character Ecila, is met with all the adventure and wonder of the original Alice in Wonderland with a bit of a twist. After wandering too far away from home, Ecila embarks on an unintentional journey that leads her across the continent of Africa. If she wishes to navigate home safely, she will have to acquire agility, wisdom, and tact far beyond her years. She encounters many strange and familiar beasts, notwithstanding the risk of imminent danger even unto death. Although, she doesn’t spend much time in the classroom, Ecila is in for a lesson she won’t soon forget. She learns life is a priceless treasure, and all that glitters isn’t gold. Join us for the adventure of a lifetime, as Ecila scales mountains, and attempts to even the scales of justice.




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