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Forced American Heroes Coloring and Activity Book was designed to help children celebrate the amazing contributions enslaved people made to the United States. Through this book, the reader will have the opportunity to:◊ Empathize and connect with the heroes through educational activities related to their real-life contributions◊ Learn about lesser-known enslaved people and their incredible stories◊ Identify and connect to their own ancestors◊ Learn that even though slavery was meant to dehumanize a group of people and force them to work to enrich others, it never took their humanity and ability to achieve greatness.Each page features a portrait of each hero and a short summary of his or her accomplishments, as well as interactive activities related to the hero’s life.Volume one heroes include:• The First Unfree Africans in British Colonial America• Crispus Attucks• Phillis Wheatley• Abdul-rahman Ibrahim Ibn Sori• Omar ibn Said• Sojourner Truth• Solomon Northup• Elijah Abel• Frederick Douglass• William Wells Brown• Henry Flipper• Harriet Tubman• William and Ellen Craft• Robert Smalls• Booker T. Washington• Ida B. Wells• Civil War Soldiers• William Harvey Carney• Lucrecia “Creecy” Daniel and Willis Williams (Dr. Martin Luther King’s enslaved ancestors)


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