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Do you know that butterflies have something in common with race horses or soccer balls? Wondering what that is? The “Garden Spy Butterflies” book will help you get to the bottom of that mystery and help you to learn fun facts about butterflies. Follow Greg, the Garden Spy page-by-page as he gives you a close-up look at one of his favorite six-legged creatures.

Garden Spy Butterflies gives a fun close-up look at the parts of a butterfly’s body, butterfly behavior and much more. A butterfly field guide is included to help kids identify butterflies in the book and out in nature.


Greg, the Garden Spy is always poking around the garden and trying to get a closer look at one of his favorite pollinator insects. Join him as he investigates butterflies right in his own ‘backyard safari’. “Garden Spy Butterflies” features large color photographs of butterflies in the garden. “Garden Spy Butterflies” shares interesting facts about butterflies that kids and adults will enjoy learning and may be surprised to know. The “Garden Spy” book series was created to help children learn about the many aspects of backyard nature and gardening. “Garden Spy Butterflies” is an excellent and entertaining non-fictional book for kids.


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