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Granny’s Vintage Camera (The Wealth Playground) Price: $12.95 (as of 28/09/2023 12:45 PST- Details)

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Do you wish your child could be more responsible with things?

Kass eagerly saves for a JazzCam Instant camera; in the meantime, she uses her Granny’s Vintage Camera. Kass knows it’s old and misplaces it often. Will Kass learn that old doesn’t mean useless? Or will she misplace the very thing her Granny values?

  • Perfect for ages 4-8!
  • Teaches value and responsibility!
  • Displays multi-generational perspective on money!

Granny’s Vintage Camera shares a story between a granddaughter and grandmother about financial literacy with a twist. If you loved A Boy, a Budget, and a Dream, you will enjoy Granny’s Vintage Camera.



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