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How to Pray: A guide that connects children to God through prayer (Train Up Arrows) Price: $9.41 (as of 05/12/2023 19:45 PST- Details)

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How to Pray is an enlightening, step-by-step guide that teaches children how to pray. When children are learning about God, they tend to have numerous questions, including, “What is prayer?” and “How do I pray?” Author, educator, and mother of four, Tatiana Zurowski answers these questions in this powerful picture book. She shares Christian principles consisting of scriptures, practices, and ideas, according to God’s word. How to Pray is an edifying book that aims to instill faith in children from a young age. It encourages young hearts to remember that prayer is simply talking to God, and He is ALWAYS eager to hear from us.

Together with Tatiana, you and your kids will experience a journey of growth, discovery, and instruction as you learn:

  • The importance of prayer and how it is a powerful tool that will keep us connected to God
  • The basic steps and methods of prayer, corresponding to God’s word
  • A vibrant, rhythmic approach to prayer that will captivate young minds

How to Pray is a compelling picture book perfect for:

  • Children of all ages
  • Parents, libraries, churches, storytimes, and discussions focusing on prayer and God
  • Households that enjoy studying how to live a life according to God’s will
  • Young children and families interested in building their prayer lives and strengthening their relationship with God

This book serves as an extraordinary resource, which you can turn to time and time again. “Teach your children how to pray so when their young hearts are hurting and broken, they can turn to God instead of the world.”



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