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Jayden introduces himself to the world by boldly declaring that he is a Big Deal!

He invites all children to join him as he celebrates the fact that there is no one else exactly like him. He is a brown boy and certainly proud of it. In “I Am Me”, Jayden introduces you to his parents, and his best friend Chad; the three most important individuals in his world. He also shares his love for reading and music.

Children will connect with Jayden as he demonstrates his “swagger” and winning spirit in all that he does. He is charismatic, intelligent, and ready to take the world by storm.

And when your young reader has finished enjoying their introduction to Jayden, they will be eager to learn more about him. They will find familiar experiences and explore some new experiences as they follow Jayden throughout the series. Children will have fun and excitement as they get to ‘hang’ with Jayden for years to come.


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