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Meet kind and curious six-year-old Chance Jackson. His three brothers are talented and smart. His Granny Bee is warm and loving. Even the world around him is beautiful and powerful. Surrounded by so many extraordinary things, Chance has to wonder: what makes him special?

I SEE ME is the vibrantly illustrated, timeless story of self-discovery through the eyes of a young boy. In a world where young children of color are often not represented, celebrated, or seen, this engaging story is sure to unite, educate and inspire, and proves to be a love letter to all who seek to understand just how special they are.

Educational and empowering, I SEE ME is an ode to accepting yourself just the way you are and promotes positive self-esteem to children of all ages, building a foundation of self-love and letting every child know that “You are more than enough!”

Inside the book:

Educational FUN FACTS about the extraordinary world all around us for both kids and adults
High-Quality beautiful illustrations featuring diverse representation
Promotion of positive self-esteem
Emphasis on the importance of self-love
Problem solving
Positive sibling relationships
Accepting each others differences
“What Makes You Special?” activity worksheet
As children’s book author Justin Steven Ford explains, “ Diverse representations in children’s literature are important not only because children are empowered by seeing themselves in books, but also because children’s worldviews are expanded by seeing people who are different from themselves represented in books. Representation can be incredibly inspirational. It enables children to envision possibilities for their own lives that previously seemed impossible. In this way, books and stories can make an enormous difference in dispelling stereotypes and prejudice and building community.”



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