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In the book Careers, K. Angel the African American police officer teaches readers about different career options available to them. In this book K. Angel explores careers such as police, lawyer, engineer, astronomer, and firefighter. The careers listed are explored through the explanation of their job duties and provides the readers a terms to know section further defining the careers. Also, the terms to know details how people holding those career titles should be addressed when spoken to; to show respect to their education and the position they hold. Careers discusses two common laws that children should know, which educates the reader about how to be a responsible citizen within their community. The different careers discussed in this book encourages the reader to explore career options seldomly discussed. Careers also allows the reader to select the career of their choice and write it out in the book toward the end of the story. Writing out future career goals will allow the young readers to set goals and create purposeful achievements for their future. Careers is for children ages 8-11 but all ages are welcome to read this book. K. Angel children’s book series was created to commemorate Officer Kaliah Harper of the Richmond Police Department.





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