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McKenzie Mason had it all–straight A’s, great friends, and a teacher she loved. That all changes when she finds out she’s transferring to a new school. Although her parents try to cheer her up, McKenzie is less than excited to start all over again as a “nobody.” McKenzie’s first day at the exclusive Davis School for the Performing Arts is going well until she finds out about the fourth-grade school play. When she learns that every student must audition, McKenzie immediately thinks about her extreme stage fright. However, she is determined to find a way out of participating. Just when she thinks things are going her way, she’s met with a challenge that she’s not yet ready to face. Adjusting to a new school, plus doubting herself, is becoming too much to handle. Will McKenzie rise to the challenge, or will she be stuck with a case of the new school blues? A great story about facing fears and overcoming challenges, this first book in the Meet McKenzie Mason series is sure to have readers coming back for more!




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