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Mummy I Love Your Hair

‘Mummy, I love your hair’ is about a 6yr old girl called Alana who learns how to love her hair from her mummy.
It is a cute non-fiction story that will allow children to feel happy and be more secure within themselves.
The book encourages self-love and self-acceptance.
The illustration is excellent and the book has been well received by many children as well as adults.
The Adventures of Alana Morgan is a book series based on Rebecca’s daughter Alana who is 6 yrs old.
She is currently in the process of publishing 2 more books within the series.


1. A fantastic read with a powerful message

I am a Year 1 class teacher and we were very lucky to have Rebecca come in to NAIS Pudong Shanghai to read the story for us all! I really connected with this book as I used to hate my hair as a child because it was red and different. Now I love my hair but I can’t help but think that if I’d read this book as a child, it may have helped me to cope with my own issues around my hair. A must-read for every teacher and their pupils!

2. Fantastic read just what our kids need to educate them about their natural beauty.

3. My young niece loves this book very easy to read and fantastic pictures. She likes to read it everyday.

About the Author

Rebecca Morgan was born in the UK in 1978. She is married with three children, has one grandson and currently lives in Abu Dhabi with 2 of her younger children and husband. Her stories are based on real-life experiences of her youngest child, Alana.

She is a Christian and prays children will be able to relate to Alana and her adventures. Rebecca enjoys helping people and her long term aim is to have her books available in libraries, schools and churches across the globe.

About the Illustrator

Long term school friend and illustrator Andrew Sinclair better known as Drew, was specifically chosen for his ability to portray the story visually.


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