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Helping children to know Body Safety Rules, and to speak up if someone makes them feel unsafe can be a challenging, and uncomfortable task for parents, caregivers, counselors and educators. Written from a child’s voice and perspective, My Voice Is My Super Power will help make the job a lot easier.Buddy is a young boy who teaches body safety, and helps his cousin cope with a real-life experience after she disclosed her abuse at their sleepover. With kid-friendly illustrations, and language, childen can read this book alone, or with an adult, to know the concept that their bodies are their own, their voice is their “Super Power”, and they have the ability to use it to speak up, if they feel unsafe. This book will help educate, and empower, adults to teach children the concepts of: .Body safety .Unsafe touching .The dangers of keeping secrets .The importance of knowing the correct names of private parts .How to establish safe boundaries for children .How to create a safety circle and .It’s ok to use your voice to tell if you don’t feel safe .1 in 4 girls, and 1 in 6 boys will experience some form of sexual abuse before the age of 18. All adults want to keep their children safe from abuse. Prevention is possible through education. This book can be used as an empowering teaching tool to keep our children safe, help prevent, and assist with ending Childhood Sexual Abuse.

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