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“Nana & Me: The Visit”, beautifully illustrated by the talented, Ashley Robinson, is an expression of love and family written as a tool to create special, magical moments between you and your young person that will lead to unforgettably cherished memories for generations.

BONUS: Each purchase of the book includes an exclusive download of a voice-over and an original lullaby performance & written by the author!

THIS INSTALLMENT OF NANA & ME: The Visit is a story of a Determined Toddler (“DT”) who takes a trip with parents to Nana’s house where he/she is encouraged to make his/her way through adversities to Nana’s loving arms. Follow along as DT makes his/her way to his/her Nana past distractions and hindrances (fake banana, big red ball and Pop Pop’s shoe) til the journey is complete and the prize is obtained! This victory is rewarded with a prize (cookie & sippy cup of milk), love, kisses and a lullaby takes DT to the land of lala and sweet dreams.

Enjoy the experience of creating magical memories until the next installation of DT’s Nana & Me…

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