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From New York Times bestselling illustrator Theodore Taylor III comes a vibrant ode to street art, a picture book about a child discovering all of the beauty―and art―her new neighborhood has to offer. Shapes moving in every direction, letters weaving in and out, bright colors jumping off of the wall. It was like a language from another planet that only I could understand. Graffiti.

In this bright, colorful, and movement-filled picture book Off the Wall, a young girl moves with her family from the big city to a small town. She feels odd and out of place until a stroll down the street hits her with echoes from home: vibrant graffiti splashed against the wall. But when it’s painted over that sense of belonging is lost, until an afternoon’s adventure shows her that street art can be found everywhere―as well as a sense of home.


AGE RANGE: 4-8 years



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