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This family friendly book is full of adventure. Oh Khalil and the Color Block Bandit covers the challenges and imagination of a four-year named Khalil. He is elated to show his classmates his color blocks at show and tell. When preparing for bed, he notices his color blocks are missing. He is now faced with the ultimate case; finding his favorite color blocks. Once realizing that his color blocks aren’t just misplaced but they were stolen, he quickly changes into “OH KHALIL” the super. Anything is possible with a cape and the letter “K” on his chest. He is now fighting against time to find out who could have stolen his colors blocks. He searches each room of his house looking for his colors blocks. He interviews and questions everyone around the house, but still no luck finding them. He was feeling defeated that he still could not find his color blocks. It wasn’t until he notices something very suspicious and out of place. That is when is finally followed the culprit and found his color blocks just in time for show and tell. At school, Khalil told his teacher and classmates all about his color block adventure. Some would even say the color block bandit followed him to school the next day. The end of the book has activity questions and a learning surprise.


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