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How do you guide your child to overcome their fears?Maybe you tell them nice things or simply give them a hefty pep talk to fire them up.What if we told you there is a great technique to help calm our children and get them in the right mind state to face their fears?Explore this lesson with your child and Samia in this highly visual and fun book. The main character Samia is based on the real-life Popular YouTuber Samia Ali, a 5-year-old girl who absolutely loves gymnastics.She spent all summer getting ready for her first day of gymnastics. However, the night before her first lesson she became nervous and Mommy and Daddy came with the best learning technique to help calm her nerves so she could participate in her first lesson with her other friends.This delightful book introduces you to a practical technique refined by Dr. Andrew Weil that has been used for centuries, but very much still applicable today! You can begin implementing this technique with your child to help them overcome their fears and ultimately booster their confidence.Get the book to learn more!Here’s what makes this book so special:Beautiful, full-page illustrations, created with lots of loveAn age-appropriate story that will captivate young readersImportant information about self-esteemA highly relevant and inspiring messageA book character who is based on a real social media kidfluencerThis entertaining and useful book will captivate children and parents alike. It will introduce coping techniques in a fun and age-appropriate way!Do you want to teach your child how to face and overcome their fears?Just scroll up, click the “Buy Now with 1-Click” button and Get Your Copy of Samia’s book!Do you still have questions about this book? Continue reading to find answers!Some Frequently Asked Questions:Q: What is the perfect age range for this book?A: This book is ideal for preschoolers (the main character is 5 years old), but it can also be fun for older kids! It’s best to enjoy this book together with your child even if he or she can already read – this strengthens your parent-child bond and lets you discuss the book while reading it.Q: How will this book motivate my child?A: Some parents give tough love, and sometimes that can end up being more harmful than good. This book will inspire your child to do a simple yet effective coping practice to help them face their fears in academics, social, competitive and many other environments.Q: Will I need to buy anything else?A: Definitely not. Without spilling all the beans, all you need is your breath! You get to implement the fun coping skills with your child right away.Are you ready to join Samia on her adventures now?

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