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Sista Me and Friends: A Rock and a Hard Place

Ew…spiders! Would you hike through a scary, creepy spider patch for a friend? This is the story of “A Rock and a Hard Place.”

The school bells are ringing and all the kids in Mrs. Bagby’s class are cheering, “Hooray!” The school year has finally ended. Let the summer fun begin! Sista Me is thrilled because her favorite cousin, Joshy, will be visiting from Jamaica. She has a lot of fun things planned. Upon Joshy’s long-awaited arrival, the two cousins are excited to see one another. They can’t wait to kick off their summer adventures. Before they dash from the house, Auntie Merty gives them a few rules they must follow: stay together, don’t go far and return home before dark. Uh, oh…something happens! Sista Me and Joshy are separated. Time is ticking and the sun is beginning to go down. Sista Me knows the only way she can find her cousin is to travel through Mr. McArthur’s gloomy, spooky spider patch. Oh, no! Sista Me is afraid of spiders, but she can’t return home without her cousin. What should she do? Read and discover if Sista Me learns the true meaning of being between “a rock and a hard place.”


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