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Oh what fun you ll have as you read this exciting story! Sista Me is a vibrant and adventurous girl. Her daring personality often lands her in sticky situations; however, someone special is always there when she needs him the most.

It’s the first day of school and Sista Me is thrilled! It’s been a long summer and she’s eager to catch up with her best friend before the school bell rings. Before she darts off to school, her mother reminds her not to forget one thing. What could that be? There are lots of surprising events that happens on her way to school. Will Sista Me meet her friend before the school bell rings? Did she remember the one thing her mother told her not to forget? Come along this delightful journey and see if Sista Me truly learns the meaning of, every mikkel make a mukkel.

You will even enjoy the cool Jamaican glossary. Have fun practicing the Jamaican words and phrases you ll learn throughout the story. Happy reading!

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