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Squad Goals: A girl’s guide to prayer, self-care and money management too! Price: $9.99 (as of 28/09/2023 12:15 PST- Details)

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“Squad Goals” provides young ladies, ages 6-12, with an outlet for emotional and creative expression. This multipurpose activity journal introduces the information and habits that will ensure their holistic wellness: spiritually, physically, emotionally, and financially.

40+ pages of fun including a 4-week self-care routine, prayer strategies, affirming vocabulary word searches, coloring pages, and money management activities! Girls will love coloring characters that look like them, envisioning themselves as career women, and earning money along the way.

This Activity Journal will:

Provide an opportunity for positive self-talk
Build writing and communication skills
Stimulate Creativity
Improve reading comprehension
Introduce basic financial concepts: Earn, Save and Negotiate.
Encourage acknowledgment and sharing of emotions through a Weekly Self-Care Checkup
Teach her to pray for and about everything
Although this journal will keep her busy, it also creates an opportunity to interact with YOU, the parent(s), or guardian(s). Leave her to it, or use it as a bonding tool. Reinforce the behaviors you want to see through the use of incentives. Inquire about her emotional wellbeing after the weekly check-in, dive into the financial topics, and try the self-care bingo with her.

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