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Do you want to inspire a child to love himself or love herself and love others? Sunne’s Gift is the inspirational best-selling children’s book about Sunne, a magical being or “magbee” with kinky hair that grows toward the sun. The creator, Nyame, imbues Sunne with the power of the sun. Sunne’s straight-haired siblings, Earthe, Watre, and Winde have unique powers of their own. When Sunne is teased and bullied by siblings because of Sunne’s natural, kinky, curly, “nappy” and spirally afro-textured hair, Sunne desperately tries to change. Join Sunne and the other children as they learn that there is beauty and power in difference. Sunne’s Gift’s message of self-love and bullying prevention, coupled with its sci-fi imagery, make it a hit with people of all ages. It is a spectacular gift for any occasion, but it is especially appropriate for baby showers, birthdays, confirmations, rites of passage ceremonies, and graduations.This is the softcover version!





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