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Talent Showdown (That Girl Lay Lay: Chapter Book 1) Price: $6.99 (as of 01/12/2023 20:30 PST- Details)

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Lay Lay — the latest teen music sensation and Nickelodeon’s newest star — stars in this brand-new illustrated chapter book series! Ever since her freestyle rapping video went viral, Lay Lay has been adjusting to her newfound fame. She loves the spotlight, but she’s also just a normal kid who likes to hang out with her friends. When her middle school announces its upcoming talent show, Lay Lay and her squad are excited to sign up together. They know they can each bring something special to it―they could even win! But everyone at school assumes that only Lay Lay will be the star. Lay Lay hates that her crew has been pushed to the sidelines since she got famous. Can she make sure that everyone gets a chance to shine during the big show? Don’t miss this totally original story starring That Girl Lay Lay!


AGE RANGE: 7-10 years



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