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Meet Papa and EJ! Grandpa Papa and grandson EJ take you on their adventures. They are just everyday people doing things that everyone does, but for young EJ his time with his grandpa is always special.

They discover a trip to the grocery store is filled with surprises and exciting things happen. Papa and EJ are whisked off to a series of adventures that include: a trip to the zoo, a baseball game, twins’ day and much, much more.

Books in this series include: The Adventures of Papa and EJ (#1), Papa and EJ: A Trip to the Grocery Store (#2) and Papa and EJ’s Big Day (#3).

The series, The Adventures of Papa and Me is one of my favorites. For years my stories have inspired a love of reading—and adventure—in the children of my family. It also pays homage to all the men who enjoy spending quality time with their children and grandchildren.



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