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From award-winning creators Winsome Bingham and E.B. Lewis, TheWalk (A Stroll to the Poll) is a powerful, full-color picture book story celebrating a journey crucial to our democracy: the walk to vote—a perfect read aloud.

My granny is taking me on THE WALK.
“Because leaders are not born,” she says. “They’re made through molding and modeling.”
“What’s the walk?” I ask.
“You’ll see. And there’s a few treasured souls coming too.”

Granny and her granddaughter are going on a walk. But this is not just any walk. It’s a walk that must not be missed; one that is more important than ever but has been made increasingly difficult for many to participate in. It’s a walk that joins together a community; that lifts voices; that allows us to speak up, stand up, and say what’s on our minds. It’s a walk for hope.

Where are all these treasured souls going? Just WALK ON and find out.

Reading Age: 4-8



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