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The Women Who Caught The Babies: A Story of African American Midwives Price: $10.98 (as of 21/09/2023 10:30 PST- Details)

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Filled with Greenfield’s moving poems, complemented by Minter’s dramatic portraitsdominated by rich shades of blue, of women and babies; a unique and moving tribute to the women who caught the babies and continue to do so today.

The Women Who Caught the Babies highlights important aspects of the training and work of African American midwives and the ways in which they have helped, and continue to help, so many families by “catching” their babies at birth. The blend of Eloise Greenfield’s poetry and Daniel Minter’s art evokes heartfelt appreciation of the abilities of African American midwifes over the course of time. The poem, “Africa to America,” begins the poetic journey. The poem, “The Women,” both heralds the poetry/art pairing and concludes it with a note of gratitude to these women. The poem that ends the book is “Miss Rovenia Mayo,” who was the midwife who caught newborn Eloise.

Age Range: 7-9



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