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African-American and other minority children are bombarded by negative messages about themselves in the media, in the classroom, in society at large, and sadly even in their own homes. “They Said I Couldn’t, But Yes I Can” is a book that was written to convey hope in the dreams that can become reality. The author and illustrator mother and daughter duo, took inspiration from minority men and women who excelled against all odds in fields of Science, Journalism, Politics, Art, Music, Dance, Sports, Law, Aeronautics and much more. These individuals not only excelled, but broke the barriers to become the “first” or “only” to have achieved that honor. The book is written using poetry, humor, and a touch of the reality that our children live and must fight to overcome. The illustrations depict these people as children already working in their various fields as a nod to what they have become when they grew up. Minority children should have a copy of this book as a historical chronology and as a source of positive role models and heroes they can emulate. We encourage further personal research of the individuals highlighted in this book.


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