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Back in Africa after a month’s visit with Granny Canada, Anna Hibiscus finds that some things are different—but her home is just as full of love—in this fifth warm and funny chapter-book adventure.

When Anna Hibiscus returns to her big house in Nigeria after visiting her Canadian grandmother, it seems like so much has changed. Her baby brothers, Double and Trouble, have learned to run, while Grandfather looks older and smaller. Anna had been nervous about going to Canada, where everything was new and strange, but she didn’t expect coming home to be difficult, too. What if her family doesn’t love her as much as before? Meanwhile, the household hen has hatched all but one egg, which Anna keeps warm until a white ball of fluff appears . . . right in her hand! She names her now-constant companion Snow White, but the chick wreaks havoc wherever it goes. How can Anna possibly keep it out of trouble? Luckily, a surprise arrives at the compound to take Anna’s mind off her troubles: a visitor who’s come all the way from Canada!

Reading Age: 6-9



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