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What’s My Superpower: Discovering Your Unique Talents Price: $14.99 (as of 01/12/2023 18:30 PST- Details)

He wants to save humanity but hasn’t found his powers. Can one young boy unlock his hidden gifts and help his household of heroes?

Deshaun Prime longs to join in his daring family’s superhero feats. But while Dad is really strong, Mom is lightning-fast, and Sister can fly, he has no idea what his own abilities could be. And though he’s tried to copy their amazing skills… nothing seems to work!

Scared he doesn’t have a special gift, Deshaun takes his parents’ advice to simply do whatever comes naturally. And when he remembers his love for math and construction, his fingers start to fly as he builds a mighty robot!

Will Deshaun’s clever brain be the secret to helping his superpowered relatives save the world?

What’s My Superpower? is a thrilling standalone children’s book. If you or your child likes uncovering unique talents, discovering who you are, and designing cool robots, then you’ll adore Delanda Coleman and Terrence Coleman’s inspiring tale.

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