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Is your child struggling with social isolation during the COVID-19 pandemic? Do you need an age-appropriate way to explain our new normal to them? When the Pandemic Ends invites parents to begin this much-needed conversation with their children. Told in fictional format, through the lens of McKinley, a curious little girl, who is feeling the strain of living in social isolation, this moving and thought-provoking children’s book follows her and her mother Iesha, as they discuss why it’s important to stay home and practice recommended safety measures. After months of remaining socially distant, McKinley is eager to get outside, see her friends, and stop following the tedious new rules. With her mother’s help, she learns why they must remain safe and discovers that their efforts may save others’ lives. Share this all-important and timely picture book with the young children in your life to help them navigate this ever-changing and stressful situation.


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