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Where Hands Go: An Introduction to Safe and Unsafe Touch Price: $10.99 (as of 25/09/2022 19:30 PST- Details)

Where Hands Go a beautiful new book written by Krystaelynne Sanders Diggs. As part of the Kids Again Foundation, this easy-to-read, colorfully illustrated book aims to help children understand the importance of consent and when it is not ok to be touched. The book features a diverse group of characters and colorful, creative artwork to educate and entertain children about the importance of safety.

You’ll find this book is a beautiful read for parents, teachers, therapists, and guardians who want to discuss this critical topic with younger children. It’s an excellent introduction for kids to recognize when touch can be harmful and how to talk about it with confidence and understanding. The author does a great job explaining the importance of body autonomy to kids in an articulate and age-appropriate way.

You’ll find this opportunity to communicate with your kids about a serious subject great support. The book is written in a delicate but straightforward manner so that everyone will enjoy the message and importance of its theme. It’s a great read to recommend for anyone who has children or works with them regularly, Where Hands Go is an essential read for children and their families.

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