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The book in your hands is a fun coloring book companion to the book “Whose Birthday Is It?”. So relax, color, and read the story. This unique coloring book will help children learn how real their faith can be when they hear their guardian, parent or Sunday school teacher reading the story and reflections from the book Whose Birthday Is It? Hearing the story of a young boy, who shares his feelings with his family, makes Christmas even more special, and will make it easier than ever to help carry out your faith! We all know that Jesus really is the reason for the season, but how do we help our children understand this, especially in today’s world, where commercialism runs rampant? Children will learn just how real their faith can be when they hear how much more the boy’s family enjoys each other and the fellowship they share by taking the time to celebrate the guest of honor – Jesus – by baking a beautiful birthday cake, singing “Happy Birthday,” and giving Jesus gifts from their hearts.


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