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As a child, I remember my granny’s stories and wanting to be able to relay a message and captivate an audience just a fraction of the way she could. One story, in particular, that I could never forget was when she spoke of how growing up in the segregated South caused her to hate the color of her skin. She was ostracized by darker-skinned children for being too ”white” and by white children for not being ”white” enough. So many times black and brown children are made to feel inadequate because of our complexion and features. These feelings plant seeds that manifest into self-hatred and low self-esteem. I aim to help change that narrative by creating images and crafting content that tell a different story; a story of beauty, appreciation, and love. ”Carry confidence in your complexion because of the royalty in your reflection. Take a good look at what you see, and love yourself with no objection. Out of all the colors in the world, yours was chosen just for you. Nothing to hide–stand tall with pride. Your hue looks good on you!”

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