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Jaida Mi’shell is a 5-year-old fashion model. Little Flower is her very talented doll who has a BIG MIND. Little Flower can not only talk to Jaida, but is an artist, storyteller, and movie star. Little Flower loves Jaida and Jaida loves Little Flower. In this story, Little Flower asked Jaida to teach her to be a fashion model and Jaida agreed to do it. Jaida explained to Little Flower that being a model is not play. It is hard work and there are rules to follow Little Flower s surprised, because she does not want to work. She explained to Jaida that she really wants to be a fashion model, but she does not want to work hard. She reminded Jaida that she is a doll and dolls like to play. The continuous exchange between Jaida and Little Flower is witty, fresh, and hilarious. Additionally, the story is beautifully illustrated helps the audience to really understand true connection that Jaida and Little Flower share.


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